Transfer and Safari Rates 2016

Transfer Rates 2016

ROAD TRANSFER RATES 2016   1st January 2016 – 31st December 2016   Quoted PER PERSON –Minimum 2 people per transfer ALL TRANSFERS STARTING OR ENDING IN NAMIBIA ARE QUOTED IN NAMIBIAN DOLLARS (N$)   ALL TRANSFERS OUT OF NAMIBIA  ARE QUOTED IN UNITED STATES DOLLARS (US$) For transfers to Zimbabwe and Zambia we may sub-contract a foreign operator for part of the transfer. Transfer Vehicles: Quantum 14 seater; Quantum 10 seater; Double cab Hilux Bakkies, Land Cruisers Station Wagon; Hyundai Buses , Mercedes Buses.
 Transfer Routes (See table below)2 People 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people 7 people 8-13 people
Katima Mulilo to Kwando Lodges  N$1282.60N$1219.00N$1155.40N$1091.80N$1028.20N$932.80N$816.20
Duration – 1 ½ hours
Katima Mulilo to Kasane - Botswana  N$1346.20N$1282.00N$1272.00N$1091.80N$1091.80N$1028.20N$922.20
Duration - 2 hours
 Kasane - Botswana to Kwando Lodges N$2385.00 N$2183.60N$1908.00N$1537.00N$1282.00N$1166.00N$1166.00
Duration – 4 hours
 Kwando Lodges to Victoria Falls or Livingstone (via Botswana)N$2968.00N$2756.00N$2544.00N$2332.00N$1802.00N$1484.00N$1219.00
Duration – 5 - 6 hours
Katima Mulilo to Victoria Falls or Livingstone (via Botswana)N$2162.40N$1982.20N$1738.40N$1568.80N$1335.60N$1155.40N$985.80
Duration – 4 -5 hours
 Katima Mulilo to Ngoma Border N$816.20N$636.00N$540.60N$466.40N$434.60N$434.60N$434.60
Duration - 45 minutes
Katima Mulilo to Kavango River Lodges 2798.402448.62183.61918.61653.615370 1166.00
Duration - 3 hours
Kasane - Botswana to Kavango River Lodges N$3922.00N$3731.20N$3498.00N$3031.60N$2798.40N$2565.20N$2088.20
Duration – 5 hours
Kwando Lodges to Ngoma BorderN$1918.60 N$1791.40 N$1600.60 N$1473.40 N$1342.20 N$1219.00 N$1166.00
Duration – 2 hours
Livingstone (Zambia) to Kasane - Botswana inc water crossing US$75
Duration – 1 hour
Katima Mulilo Town shuttle services per vehicle
 Airport shuttle to Kalizo LodgeN$1890.00
 Scheduled Air Namibia flights to Katima Mulilo
 Charter flights to Katima Mulilo
Katima Mulilo to Rundu Lodges N$4910.00N$4670.00N$4390.00N$3890.00N$3610.00N$3300.00N$2740.00
Rundu Lodges to Divundu LodgesN$2250.00N$2060.00N$1800.00N$1450.00N$1210.00N$1100.00N$925.00
Divundu Lodges to Maun - BotswanaN$4910.00N$4670.00N$4390.00N$3890.00N$3610.00N$3300.00N$2740.00
Katima Mulilo to Maun - BotswanaN$5620.00N$5400.00N$5180.00N$4800.00N$4520.00N$3960.00N$3500.00